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All Wrapped Up for Christmas Tour

I'm usually a last minute gift buyer and find myself wrapping presents locked in my room at midnight the night before Santa arrives... It's very stressful and I have still not changed my ways. There are a few exceptions though and that involves early holiday parties and hostess gifts. Since I am able to wrap these in a timely manner I like to put in a little more effort and that is where this whole post stemmed from! I had the idea of a water colored gift bag. Now this could be really simple except that I really wanted to challenge myself and create a gift bag from scratch along with water color name tags to match. And while I'm at it, I might as well get real fancy and make a water color name banner for a boxed gift. Very ambitious. I know. So I have listed to materials I used below along with step by step directions. You can take this idea and alter it any way you want. Also because this is a tour, please check out the other fun gift wrapping ideas from some of my blogger friends that I have linked below. Hopefully we inspire you to get creative!

Materials for bag:

Large piece of watercolor paper


Paint brush



A dull pointed edge to crease your paper with (I used a mechanical pencil with no lead)

A bag to use as a guide (optional)

Ribbon for handle


Extra materials for banner:




(I also have this tutorial saved on Instagram under my DIY highlights if you're interested or are more of a visual learner)

1. Decide on what design or watercolor technique you want to do and paint! I decided to go for a simple ombre effect.

2. Let paper dry completely.

3. Open and flatten out your "guide bag" or start making measurements. With your dull edge and ruler starts creasing your paper to mark where you will need to fold to create your bag structure. (leave a little extra for overlap when gluing together)

4. Cut out the bag shape. Start folding and cut the lines that will only be on the bottom part of the bag.

5. Once your bag shape is together you can glue everything together and let dry.

6. With extra or left over water color start cutting out shapes for name tags or name banner.

7. String the ribbon through holes you poked in the bag for handles. If you have a name tag, string it through the ribbon now. Tie knots on the inside.

8. Add your gift with some tissue paper and your bag is complete!

If you cut shapes for a name banner, use glue to write letters and sprinkle on glitter. After they have dried poke 2 holes in the top of each piece and string your string through to connect. You can add this to your bag or use on a boxed gift.

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