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Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Plant Stand

It's October and at my house that means 31 day of spooky! If you're also into fun spooky vibes then you will definitely want to check out these Halloween DIY projects that some of my blogger friends and I have put together!

While shopping at Target a while back my kids spotted this extra big Jack-o-lantern and immediately asked if we could buy it. Normally I would say no,what would we need a giant pumpkin head for? But this time I saw my Halloween DIY project, a Jack-o-lantern plant stand. And it was only $6 so in the cart it went.

The $6 Target Jack-o-lantern


Large Jack-o-lantern pail

Gold spray paint

Bronze paint

Black paint

Wire fruit bowl for base

Strong glue (I used E6000)

My vision was to spray it gold and give it a sort of metal look. I already had the gold spray paint so all I needed was a bronze paint to give the pumpkin some dimension and a base. A quick trip to Micheal's and I had the bronze paint. Finding the base was a little more time consuming. I didn't know if i wanted to screw on hairpin legs, use a geometric wire trash can or attach it to a round metal bucket. I searched Amazon, Target, Walmart, Etsy and home improvement stores but nothing looked quite right or was more money than I wanted to spend. Then while walking down an aisle at Walmart I spied a wire fruit bowl for only $7. The look was right and the price was even better! Now all I needed to do was put this together.


Spray the pumpkin and base gold and let dry. With a small sponge (I used a paper towel) dab the bronze paint down each crease of the pumpkin. Then go back and paint a thicker amount of bronze paint down the center of each dabbed area. I also dabbed a little bronze around the top of the pumpkin and around the eyes, nose and mouth. Once this is dry paint the inside of the eyes, nose and mouth black. I used the leftover black paint we had from our bathroom stencil project but I imagine most any kind of black paint would work fine. Once the pumpkin is finished you can start dabbing the bronze paint on the base. I just randomly applied it to my base but how and where you apply will depend on what kind of base you choose. I let the bowl dry then turned it upside down and glued the Jack-o-lantern on top. I placed my faux fiddle leaf fig inside and called it a day! The DIY was pretty simple and can also work after Halloween- turn it around so you don't see the face and you have a pumpkin plant stand for fall and Thanksgiving!

$6 Target Jack-o-lantern DIY Halloween plant stand

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