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How Do You Describe Your Style?

I think our own individual style can say a lot about us. Whether were talking about the clothes we choose to wear or the decor we bring into our home. When thinking of my style things get complicated. My style isn't that easy. The word eclectic comes to mind but even then I don't feel like my home looks like the images of "eclectic" homes and rooms you see in magazines, Instagram and Pinterest. So here are some words I would use to describe my style:

Old. I'm sold on almost anything that has a story to go with it. Antique pieces are sporadically mixed in throughout my home and I have a few larger pieces of primitive furniture. From my collection of Native American finds to old pottery to my farmhouse table- each piece is truly one of a kind.

This school chair adds so much character to my twins bedroom. One of my favorite parts about it are some of the engravings on the desk from who I imagine to be from a hard working student diligently writing away.

Farmhouse. Chippy paint, distressed old wood and a black and white color scheme will get me every time. I feel like my farmhouse vibes blend well with my older antiques and primitive furniture.

This chippy old pie safe is in my "closet". It went from storing pies to now keeping my sweaters and jeans safe and sound!

Modern. Clean lines and fresh open spaces feel new. I try to mix in modern elements to keep things from feeling too heavy or looking like a straight up house on the farm.

With a farmhouse table and distressed antique dining chairs my dining room needed a little modern touch and these frames do the trick.

Bohemian. Laid back, layered rugs, global inspired pieces and natural elements. Vintage rugs and kilim pillows are one of my serious obsessions. They add a unique look to my more traditional pieces and really warm up the space.

Layering rugs is truly one of my favorite things. Who knew adding texture to my floors would bring me such joy?

California. Is that even a style? No, but I'm into anything that gives me that easy going west coast vibe. For me a lot of this comes in form of photos. Photos that aren't even from California but still... There is a huge print of the ocean waves in my front room and I have an image of greenery on the beach in Mexico with the ocean in the background in my bedroom. In my main bathroom I have a coastal birds eye view shot framed as well as a vintage shot from a beach in Barcelona.

If you don't have a view, frame one.

Simple. Funny, because I was just explaining how complicated my style is. But I do try to keep things simple as in no clutter. This is a constant struggle for me because there is so much that I like. But the struggle becomes a challenge and I like a challenge.

My style is simply me. I am a little complicated (aren't we all?) I buy what I like and somehow I think it works. Tell me, how would you describe your style?

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