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Marbled Easter Eggs

Dying Easter eggs used to be a yearly thing for my family. However, the past couple years we've skipped the traditionally messy craft. Instead I would buy eggs from the craft store and have my kids paint them. While still a little messy it was simple and I didn't have to worry about anything getting stained. This year I decided to test out another method- marbled eggs. I read a few tutorials on Pinterest and it seemed easy enough. And it is easy. Like stupid easy. And the marble effect is really pretty!

What you need:

  • Container with water

  • Nail polish (I chose 3 colors- 2 blues and a shimmery champagne)

  • Faux eggs (Mine floated. If yours sink you will need a spoon to remove them)

  • Paper towels

  • Drying rack

  • Rubber gloves*

Fill up your container with water and then drizzle your nail polish on top. My eggs had strings to hang them from. I held them by the sting, submerged them, slowly swirled them around a little, pulled them out and there was a marble egg! I hung it by the string to dry and that was it!

I think they turned out so pretty and I love how each one different. I'm going to do this again with my boys this weekend with the larger eggs. You can watch this DIY saved in my highlights on my Instagram.

*If you don't want to ruin your manicure you'll definitely want to wear rubber gloves. Nail polish will get on your nails and fingers. It was no problem for me as I do my nails myself but if I paid for them I would certainly protect my pretty polished nails!

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