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Stacked Book DIY

It's another blog hop hosted by Decorate & More with Tip! This month's diy challenge was to use 3 books to create a stackable home décor piece. The only rules were that we must use 3 books and that we needed to words on them. Read below how I created my book planter and further below you can see what ideas my blogger friends came up with for this challenge.

Stacked Book Planter

What you will need:

3 Books

Small vessel for flowers or plants

Scissors or sharp knife for cutting into the books

2 Different colors of paint


Glue ( I used E6000)

When looking at books for this project I steered away from anything thin or paperback. I really wanted the books to be thick so there would be some height and I also wanted them to be hard back so that the end result would be sturdy and stable. After finding my books I was able to determine the size of container that I would use to hold any flowers or plants. I ended up using a small tin that only required me having to cut into the top book. I first cut only the pages so that the tin would fit, then I cut into the cover of the book.

Next came the paint and lettering. Most of the stacked book diy's I have seen have quotes stamped on. I have tried this process before and it's really hard to get the letters to all line up in a straight line. I think the stamped lettering looks really good if your going for a more vintage vibe but the look I was going for I needed something a simple and clean so I decided to use stickers. I sprayed the sides of each book rose gold. Once they were totally dry I placed my stickers and then sprayed each book black. After I let them dry I removed the stickers revealing my quote, "rise & shine". I only waited about 10 minutes... I probably should have let the paint dry longer as it got a little messy when I peeled off the stickers. However I used a skinny black marker to cover up any spots and that worked fine.

Now that my books were ready for stacking I glued them together, put the tin in and placed my succulents. This turned out just how I wanted it. What I love best is that it was created out of recycled materials and stuff that I already had on hand.

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