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Sunburst Mirror DIY

One thing I've been trying to update in our home are the light fixtures. However I've only completed our dining room. The idea of creating a sunburst light fixture for my bedroom has been on my mind though. I bought all my supplies but just haven't had the time to start putting it together. So when Terrie with Decorate and More with Tip announced that August's DIY challenge was going to be a sunburst mirror I changed gears... I had everything I needed except for the mirror.


Mirror- Target has magnetic locker mirrors in their back to school section for $6. I chose the hexagon shape but they also had ovals

Spray Paint- I used Krylon metalic gold

Wooden Skewers- I used the kind for kabobs found at the grocery store

E6000 Glue

Hook (my mirror did not come with a hook for hanging)

Thick Paper*


This DIY is super simple! But as usual I jumped in without reading any tutorials which caused me to hit a few hurdles. Take note and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes!

First decide how long you want your wooden skewers to be. I just snapped all of mine but you could be more professional and use scissors. You'll want a few different lengths. Now this is where I made my two mistakes. I glued the skewers directly on to the back of the mirror. Once I turned the mirror over I noticed that the glue had eaten away at some of the backing making the mirror look permanently smudgy. I also realized I had forgotten to spray paint the skewers... Luckily the mirror I bought was only 6.00 so I just bought another one. It also has magnets on the back so you can hang it in a locker. So after I sprayed everything with the gold spray paint, I applied the glue to the magnets of the new mirror and placed it on top of the original. Problem solved! Next I used the E6000 glue again to glue a hook onto the back. I just placed it onto the wooden skewers and let it dry over night. Now instead of a sunburst light fixture, I have a sunburst mirror!

1.) Spray your skewers before gluing them.

2.) Do not glue skewers directly onto the back of the mirror. Instead use a thick paper (think paper grocery bag) and cut out the shape of your mirror. Glue the skewers on this. Once everything has dried apply a small amount of glue to the edge of your mirror and apply the paper with skewers. This way if your mirror does not have a frame you will only notice a minimal amount of smudging around the edge.

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