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The Beginning

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

There once was a girl named Dani. She always preferred art classes over math and created blueprints to imaginary homes instead of taking notes on the U.S. government. She grew up a little, but not too much before having her first baby. School finally became a priority and interior design was going to be her major. But work, school, and a baby is a lot. So she decided it was time to focus on work and a receptionist she became. A full time job, a house, and then a wedding. Things began to fall into place. But what's funny is nothing stays in place for long. Twins were on the way and a new door opened. She said goodbye to her receptionist job and began working at a flower shop. This was a more creative environment that allowed her to be more involved as a mother. 6 years went by and she began craving more. So here we are. This is a place for the creative mind to grow. Whether that's through sharing projects, recipes, life events, or just writing about what's on the mind.

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