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Tips For Hanging a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are tricky. Whether it's totally symmetrical or a complicated puzzle everything has to fit just right. I have done both. At one time I had a gallery wall of all different frames in my hallway and most recently I hung eight square frames in my dining room. Obviously you need a hammer and nails but I have a few tips and tricks that will hopefully make putting together a gallery wall a little easier.

1. Make sure you have your supplies. Like I mentioned above you will need a hammer and nails, but you also need a ruler, pencil, a level (this is mostly for a symmetrical grid pattern) and *toothpaste if you're not into measuring.

2. Find the center of your wall. If you're putting together a mix of different shapes or sizes of frames it is nice to have a focal point by hanging one of your pieces in the center. You can then work outwards from this point. If your going with a grid, the center will be either between two frames or one column of frames.

3. Play with your design on the floor or any other open space before hanging. This is especially important if your working with different sizes. Once you have a layout you like make sure to measure the distance between each frame.

4. Measure where the hook is on the back of each frame. Even if the frames are all the same make sure the hook is in the same exact place. Use your pencil to mark each place on the wall where you'll hammer in the nails. Once you have all your marks on the wall you can double check that everything is even with your level.

5. Hammer your nails and show off your art!

*One trick I have heard of but have never tried is to put a small dab of toothpaste on the frame's hook. Hold the frame up to the wall where you want it and then set it down. The toothpaste will have marked the wall for your nail!

Black Ribba Frames from Ikea

12x12 photos printed by Target Photo

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